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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Exmr Foundation Network Integrating Developers For A Better Future In The Crypto World

Why Investors Have to Invest on GetCryptoPayments by EXMR Foundation

EXMR Foundation is trying to develop a safe and fair financial ecosystem for cryptocurrency users. It is coming from the idea that cryptocurrency users need a technology that supports their activities with it. That’s why the company is developing GetCryptoPayments. Let’s take a look at what the users get from this platform.

The wallet helps the cryptocurrency users to do a variety of transactions faster. It is designed along with high memory and storage capacity as well as an instant process. The most important thing is that the company is trying to develop the most secure crypto store solution in the world. As a result, cryptocurrency users don’t need to worry about their precious assets and use them maximally. Features for Merchants

The Point of Sales system is developed for merchants to support them to accept cryptocurrency payment. This system helps the merchants to receive crypto payments faster from other e-wallets and a variety of coins. By serving cryptocurrency users, the merchants will get new customers that can boost their income. Merchants can also use a merchant store and shopping plugins. By using a variety of shopping plugins, merchants can connect with the customers with cryptocurrency easier. The system will be connected to several popular payment systems such as WHMOS, Magento, Opencart, and many others. Ther merchant store is developed to promote merchants so more people with cryptocurrency know and buy from them. At the same time, the merchants can accept payment and promote their services from the platform. Features for Trading

Some people need to exchange FIAT to cryptocurrency. This platform will help them to do the process so they can use cryptocurrency immediately. Indeed, merchants can sell their products and service with supportive features without leaving the platform. Another valuable trading feature is the Swap Coins where cryptocurrency users can swap their coins with other coins anytime they want. It is useful if they have to pay with a particular coin that they don’t have yet. The Mission of the Company.

The company is trying to gain more people and investors to achieve their missions. One of the missions is to create a platform that can be used by cryptocurrency users. The platform is supported by the great features mentioned above along with a high-tech security system. As a result, cryptocurrency users can use their coins just like when they are using their FIAT money. The company also tries to solve the issues related to the difficulty of using cryptocurrencies. The Getcryptopayment project will make the transaction process easier, faster, and safer for cryptocurrency users. In the future, EXMR Foundation wants to develop more valuable projects so more people can use cryptocurrency comfortably and safely.

The company welcomes investors who also have the same missions and visions to develop cryptocurrency technology better in the future. There will be 18.000.000 EXMR FDN tokens sold. The cost of the token is USD 0.25 per EXMR FDN. 13.000.000 tokens have been used for campaign People can buy the token with BTC, ETH, USDT, and USD. Indeed, investors will get a lot of benefits from this platform.

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