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Monday, August 26, 2019


In this digital age all things can be done very quickly and not hindered by place and time, as well as payment methods, conventional payment systems are still widely used but for certain purposes conventional payments have started to be abandoned and switch to digital payments because of payments digital is considered to have the advantage of being faster, practical and safe.

Currently there are many digital payment platforms that offer programs and their advantages, and now there is also a digital payment innovation that is XCARD based on digital currency and credit cards that are combined into one and can connect fiat currencies and crypto assets in a way real time, this allows XCARD users to make transactions quickly without limits. XCARD Wallet unique instant exchange feature uses risk-free decentralized internalizer with intelligent atomic swaps functionality, XCARD funds are stored in multi-signature or cold-storage wallets to ensure that only XCARD owners have access so that funds are protected very safe. So there are 3 important points if you have an XCard namely, crypto world in your pocket, buy now pay later and instant transactions

XCARD is a part of the Mobilum ecosystem which consists of a wallet, card, exchange & foundation API. All these features combined create a leading “any to any” instant payment platform and point of sale system that integrates crypto and fiat currencies with the most convenient payment methods. XCARD provides the best execution rate, immediate transaction execution and the lowest fees on the market. Cooperation with VISA and the implementation of new services such as SEPA (Target/TIPS) and SWIFT schemes allows users to benefit from fast and cost effective transfers globally.

Crypto currency is a payment instrument that is the current trend, with crypto currency you can receive and send money, not even that with crypto currency you can buy food, drinks and other products, but keep in mind traders or companies that accept payments with crypto currency in the world is very small, only around 0.1%, in general the crypto asset owner must exchange it in the FIAT currency to facilitate a product purchase transaction. For Xcard users who want to transact with crypto currency, then you don't need to be bothered as explained above, this is the convenience of Xcard because Xcard owners don't have to bother to exchange from crypto currency to FIAT currency with other parties. You can do it yourself with Xcard. By having an Xcard you will enjoy many conveniences and benefits like this:


XCARD’s crypto credit card by
VISA allows super safe use of
any crypto and FIAT assets
which can be spent instantly at
POS, in e-commerce and for
ATM cash withdrawals.


The card is available to new users instantly in the form of a virtual card after signing up to XCARD. The card is intended for global multicurrency use. There is no requirement to top up the card in advance


The XCARD onboarding process is easier then opening a bank account. Buying crypto is as simple as paying for coffee. Once onboarded, users
can trade instantaneously


XCARD aggregates data and liquidity from different sources (exchanges, brokers and own pools). Its side-chain functionality allows for all transactions to be most efficient.


XCARD enables trading with
over 200 cryptos , FIAT to crypto and crypto to FIAT conversion directly and instantly. You can use any payment card to buy and spend crypto anytime. Pay or withdraw via any ATM worldwide.


Thanks to the XCARD Buy Now Pay Later solution our payment card is the best option for crypto users.

Total token supply Xcard Mobilium (MBM) 640 million MBM, which will be distributed into several parts with the scheme as below:

The careful planning, development and strategy of the XCard Project are carried out, beginning in Q3 2019 (September 2019) of the BETA of XCARD Wallet (Android & iOS) available for the first 5K users. Then the next stage Q4 2019 (Nov 2019-Feb 2020), below is the complete XCard Roadmap scheme:

When there is intense competition between digital payment products, Xcard with mission is to connect fiat currencies and crypto assets in real-time. Store, trade and exchange them instantly and spend anywhere you want, with no limitations. Supported by the latest technology by combining crypto currency and credit cards is a good innovation, coupled with clear and careful Xcard planning and strategy, then this will give consumers the choice to choose the best digital payment instrument

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#Author: member antigalo

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