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Friday, August 23, 2019


Hawk Network  is the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a concept where an object that has the ability to transfer data through a network without requiring human-to-human or human interaction to a computer, combining Edge Computing is a method of optimizing cloud computing systems by processing data at the end of the network , near data sources (internet devices) as well as utilizing Blockchain Technology, which is technology that functions to record digital transactions that are very fast and safe, proven to be reliable for various purposes. Hawk Network with a combination of advanced technology used makes it a new generation of IoT technology infrastructure with lower access costs and more efficient availability by providing the following features:

  • Edge Computing, is an intelligent computing model in which part of computing power is shared by terminal devices.
  • Big Data, after the data is calculated by many node devices, the data is uploaded to a distributed database to form big data.
  • Blockchain, a smart terminal device completes edge calculations, uplinked data, and blockchain becomes a repeater and data connector. 
  • Smart Contracts, multi-level embedded smart contracts that support the development of programmable contracts and provide a standard contract template and interface.
  • Smart Terminal, a terminal interested in decentralizing investment data collection terminals to prevent source data entry from being tampered with. 
  • Trusted network, Blockchain network after Edge Computing with distributed smart terminal

Hawk Network incubated by two large international companies, Canada's UB.GROUP and Klaytn. Canada's UB.GROUP is a large-scale Internet of Things, and a smart multinational travel company with 30 million users, and operates in dozens of cities around the world. UB.GROUP has strong R&D capabilities in smart hardware, the Internet of Things and blockchain. While Klaytn is a blockchain platform owned by kakao, which includes blockchain technology and the best business team in the world, please note that kakau is a Korean social media giant with many users, to date, there are 50 million users. With the collaboration of these two big companies, Hawk Network very optimistic about the development of the next generation of Internet of Things, especially the combination of edge computing technology, 5G technology and next generation blockchain technology will bring the global Internet of Things to a much better level.

Hawk Network Partner
For optimal future development and progress of the Hawk Network, the Hawk Network requires interaction and interconnection through partnerships and business network utilization in the business environment, therefore a business partner is needed to support every aspect for the progress of the Hawk Network, to address this, the Hawk Network has cooperated with several business partners whose scope is correlated with the Hawk Network, for that Hawk Netwotk is committed to increasing the value of the platform by expanding the ecosystem and will work with global partners to build smart IoT ecosystems, the business partners are:
  1. Kakaotalk, is a Messenger application from Korea made by Kakao Inc. on March 18, 2010. KakaoTalk is cross platform so that it is available for smartphone users, currently KakaoTalk is the number 1 social media in Korea and until now the user reaches 50 million
  2. Alipaya third-party online digital payment and E-Commerce platform, was founded in Hangzhou - China in February 2004 by Alibaba Group and its founder Jack Ma. In 2015 Alipay moved its headquarters to Pudong, Shanghai, although its parent company Ant Financial remained based in Hangzhou. Hawk Network has an interest in working with Alipay to promote shared travel solutions.
  3. China UnicomChina Unicom or China United Netcom (Hong Kong) Ltd. is a Chinese state-owned telecommunications company, founded on July 19, 1994 by the Ministry of Information Industry, China Unicom's presence on the Hawk Network Project is to provide supporting hardware solutions on the Internet of Things
  4. Grab, an O2O platform based in Singapore and most commonly used in Southeast Asia, provides daily necessities for customers including travel, food delivery, delivery of goods - and payment using a digital wallet. Grab currently provides services in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia. Grab believes that every community in Southeast Asia must benefit from the digital economy, and the company provides access to safe and affordable transportation services, food delivery and freight forwarding services, and mobile and financial payment services. Grab is also the "decacorn" (a term for startups that has a company valuation of US $ 10 billion or 10 times the first "unicorn") in Southeast Asia. This is a great opportunity for Hawk Network to partner with leading Grabs in Southeast Asia to adapt the local shared travel ecosystem.
  5. TransLink, is a well-known transportation brand in Canada namely the British Columbia South Coast Transportation Authority which is responsible for Metro Vancouver's regional transportation network in British Columbia, Canada, including public transportation, main roads and bridges. Its main operating facility is located in the city of New Westminster. The interests of Hawk Network in partnership with TransLink are to facilitate offline operations and partner with Amazon Cloud for node deployment.
  6. World Blockchain Organization, The World Blockchain Organization (WBO) is a Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) registered with United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), an international advocacy organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible blockchain technology. Keuntungan bermitra denan WBO adalah WBO provides perfect solutions for cities through big data and smart traffic management.

Hawk Network Roadmap
The planning, development and strategy of the Hawk Network Project through careful and long-term planning, starting in October 2018 is the project research phase and the project then continues in December 2018 namely the Complete project planning and overall design stage Complete the relevant underlying technology selection Research and intelligent docking The hardware interface is then continued step by step until until October 2019 is the Open IEO Global Meetup stage. The first Dapp is online The first equipment started mining. Top exchanges start trading HAWK. Following is the complete scheme of the Hawk Network Roadmap:

Seeing and looking at the Hawk Network from the beginning of development planning and development to the end, by innovating combining Intelligent Hardware, Edge Computing and Blockchain, the Hawk Network with its vision will bring the global Internet of Things to a much better level, and supported by several business partners who have collaborated with the Hawk Network that will support every move and move of the Hawk Network, this will make the Hawk Network Project go well according to plan and will bring the future of the global Internet of Things to a much better level


#Author: member antigalo
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