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Monday, October 22, 2018

Apollonia Health Service Innovation

Blockchain technology is increasingly known and widely used for the development of industry, education, finance, health and others. And this time Apollonia utilizes blockchain technology to develop sophisticated, fast, effective and accurate medical services, thus using blockchain technology can provide a far better solution to health problems

Apollonia is an ecosystem that operates in the medical field such as handling electronic health records, medical archives is one of the important units in the health organization structure because it is the main reference in analyzing the development of public health in a personal manner. medical records store information and personal data of patients who go to the hospital or doctor's practice, this is very important for the accuracy of the patient's diagnosis and avoid misdiagnosis due to ignorance of the patient's medical history that will have a fatal impact on the patient's safety

Apollonia is very concerned about the world of health, telemedicine has not escaped the attention of Apollonia, even this service is available in Apollonia. Telemedicine is a health service carried out remotely through the transfer of electronic medical data from one location to another using audio, visual and data communications. including care, diagnosis, consultation and treatment as well as the exchange of medical data and remote scientific discussions. In the era of modern medical services today telemedicine is needed for health services that are very fast and accurate so that the place and time restrictions are no longer an obstacle.

In modern times, tourism is not only recreation for entertainment and having fun, contemporary tourism is medical tourism, namely a new form of tourism, namely an organized trip outside the individual's local environment for the maintenance, improvement and recovery of health by medical intervention, even this service available on Apollonia services.

From the description above, it can be seen that Apollonia is very concerned about and focused on medical services and not only that is the concern of Apollonia, medical electronic commerce, insurance policies and the development of open markets to trade medical data are also of concern and become Apollonia services.

Apollonia has a clear and continuous vision, including: 

Products for dental health
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in which is a systematic collection of electronic health information on patients that is connected and integrated with information systems within the hospital network, these data include demographic data, medical history, treatment, laboratory and radiology test results, nursing process, discharge planning and even billing information in the modern medical world is very important in its role in the world of health in general and dental health in particular.

Products for Paediatrics
In dealing with pediatric patients it is not easy but requires special treatment, in this case the EMR function is very important to see the patient's history, so that the pediatrician can diagnose quickly and accurately so the patient gets perfect care.

Products for Cardiology
Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death, this is a special concern for prevention and treatment. The cardiovascular system is increasingly safe thanks to the Apollonia EMR which greatly facilitates the work of doctors, because doctors can see patient history as much as possible

Financing Apollonia Ecosystems
To finance the development of the Apollonia Ecosystem provides opportunities for the public to invest through the sale of APOLLO tokens which will begin on November 15, 2018, with the price of tokens starting 1 APOLLO = 0.03 USD. For detailed information about selling tokens please visit and whitepaper

The conclusion of this article is Apollonia Ecosystem is the latest innovation of future health services and will be very useful for human life.

#Author: member antigalo


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