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Sunday, November 12, 2017


Traveling as a means of recreation or as a need for work or business is now a necessity and a lifestyle of humans, to prepare for the journey to run smoothly requires proper planning and preparation, ranging from travel schedules, routes to be taken, accommodation and other information requiring proper analysis is certainly very troublesome and tiring.

To do your traveling do not worry because now Routrip will be present to help you to management all your travel needs, with the Application Routrip all your travel needs are in your hand, Routrip the application that flatform Android and IOS will help to provide the best route on your journey. The Routrip is very easy to use just by entering the date and place you want to visit then the system will work automatically arranges the most optimal and accurate travel itinerary, the system works Routrip include vehicle and accommodation options, for that matter your vehicle will be given the choice of aircraft, train, ship or car. While in terms of accommodation you will be given information and choice of lodging, hotels, apartments or other. If you have selected the next step is booking a ticket vehicle, lodging and tourist attractions, more simple all the choices and decisions about all your trips can be a PDF file that can be stored and printed so that your planning, schedule and travel route can be viewed anytime, thus you can save time, effort and cost in managing your trip.

With the increasingly crowded needs of traveling this is a great business opportunity to start running a business in the field of traveling which includes rental vehicles, lodging, tourism and all related to traveling. Especially if you live in a country that is actively building and developing the tourism sector is an excellent opportunity for business in the field of traveling because travel agency services will be much sought after by tourists. to develop a traveling business requires the right promotion but it is not a problem because in the era of globalization and advancement of information technology is not difficult to introduce and promote your new business, the internet is the most appropriate medium to promote your traveling business, so Application Routrip will be very helpful if used for business travel agency.

To develop the Routrip Project will be done through token sales ie RTP tokens is a smart contact Ethereum Blockchain, token sales will be done openly to the public, a number of tokens to be released is 10,000,000,000 RTP
Pre-ICO          : 13 – 19 November 2017
ICO Start        : 11 – 25 December 2017

1 RTP Token = 0.00001 ETH
for more details about ICO please visit:

More info about Routrip:

Monday, November 6, 2017


The latest innovation from LOOMIA TILE that combines fashion with crypto currency technology, this is the first time in the world by appearing wearing fashionable clothes but still able to connect with blockchain technology because the clothing used has been embedded flexible circuit LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL) has a unique identifier on the chip, which has the ability to sense changes in the environment such as temperature and touch. LOOMIA technology users can transfer and manage data to desktop applications, utilizing blockchain and all its supremacy without using this application server is used for data security and integrity.

Personal data is an important asset for you and can even be used as a currency, not a few big companies make private data as a commodity that can be sold in secret, this is the concern of LOOMIA, LOOMIA TILE gives freedom of choice to the user to choose freely about the management of personal data how the method of sharing or selling it.

LOOMIA works with high-level advanced technology with 3 levels:

With the first level with LEL stands for LOOMIA Electronic Layer is the innovation product offered and patented by LOOMIA is a soft and flexible circuit that is integrated into the garments that warm up, lighting, sensing function and collect data about the user.

The second level is LOOMIA TILE is the hardware that works as the "keychain" of the user for some items containing LEL, which serves to store data collected by LEL until synchronized into Tile Platform. how it works depends on fingerprint recognition to verify the user's identity.

And the third level is Tile Platform is a Peer to Peer (P2P) work application to store data collected at LOOMIA TILE, integrate it through the blockchain protocol to verify user identity and date correctness and give users the ability to sell their personal data to brands or third parties.

Coupled with LOOMIA Data Exchange to support LOOMIA users in online market transactions that include restaurants, banks or transit authorities, not only through LOOMIA Data Exchange users can learn overall how to improve their products and services. Companies and researchers interested in obtaining new and accurate data sets and users earning money in the form of TILE tokens that can be converted into other digital currencies or exchanged for special rewards by brand and 3rd party on the Tile Platform is up to which users are better.

ICO Funding
To build and develop LOOMIA Project funding will be done through ICO which will be done publicly for the public to invest in the sale of TILE tokens
Token sale start           : December 11, 2017
Token sale expires       : January 3, 2018
Number of tokens to be created 800-870 million

If you are interested to invest in LOOMIA project through token purchase for more details please visit

More details about LOOMIA please visit: