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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

STARTMINING The Largest Crypto Mining in Russia & Europe

The recent growth of crypto currency is growing rapidly, preceded by Bitcoin (BTC) which was first launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto is the world's first crypto currency mining. At first Bitcoin was not so important as a digital currency, in the Year 2009 to January 2010 there was no exchange, transaction or market for Bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions first occurred in May 2010 "laszlo" users made real-world transactions by buying two pizzas in Jacksonville, Florida for 10,000 BTC (Ten Thousand BTC), can be seen at that time the BTC value is very low for 10,000 BTC the exchange rate is only $ 3 to $ 10 USD only, but BTC prices up to now have a fantastic increase in the current BTC exchange rate of 1 BTC = $ 4,592. 96 USD (rate September 2, 2017). Seeing the success of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency and then emerged new cryptocurrency such as Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, Monero, Ethereum and followed by the emergence of other cryptocurrency commonly called Atlcoin unstoppable to hundreds of Altcoin.

With the rapid growth of cryptocurrency led to the emergence of a lot of cloud mining companies by offering various advantages and profits are tempting to investors to invest, but in the development of many companies crypto mining that eventually scam, most companies are scam mining is ponzi system. Looking something like that Nikita Kholodkov as Startmining Project Manager with an experienced team will build the largest and real crypto mining industry in Russia and Europe to reach 4,000 farms with total capacity up to 680 Gh/s Ethash. Startmining has a good plan to build and develop miningcrypto companies with the following stages:

In the construction of the first phase Startmining Project is the purchase of premises, the provision of installation equipment and the launch of mining farm.

The next stage is the second phase is the lease capacities out, the lease can be done with the token exchange, token price for investors will be cheaper than the retail price.

After the lease capacities out is completed then proceeds to the Third Phase which is the availability of leasing for all customers, the lease for all customers is scheduled to be available no later than eighteen months after the implementation of ICO.

Then the next stage is the Fourth Phase of the project will focus on reinvesting funds and increasing the amount of mining farms.

Starmining as a crypto mining industry also provides cloud mining services for regular users, the power provided for cloud mining by 40% of Startmining's power, with this service users do not must to have technical skills about crypto mining, users do not need to provide mining equipment, the cost of electricity and maintenance costs will all be done by Startmining, users simply pay the rent to get the benefits of crypto mining. Startmining provides a lot of convenience for users of cloud mining, among others, with a low cost.

To finance the Startmining Project as the largest real cryptomining company in Russia & Europe funding is done with ICO that is open to the wider community. In the implementation of ICO use Escrow Facilitation to guarantee and protect the security of investor funds, Agent Escrow used is Georgii Erman who is an active crypto currency entrepreneur with extensive work experience in blockchain technology market, not only that he is an experienced sales marketing specializing in the field of managing projects, web and international marketing.
Here are the details about ICO:

ICO starts : September 15, 2017
ICO expires: October 14, 2017
ICO lasts for 30 calendar days

ICO fund target: $ 500,000 - $ 10,000,000
Acceptable Currency: ETH, Altcoins, USD / EUR, Visa / MasterCard
screenshoot fund ico progress (date September 5, 2017)

With an Escrow guarantee for investor fund security and ICO fundraising update displayed transparently at  this will attract investors to invest.

For details about Startmining please visit:


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