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Sunday, September 10, 2017


Electroneum is a new crypto currency that will be released after the implementation of ICO at the end of October 2017, Electroneum using blockchain itself different from the new crypto currency that mostly uses smart contract ethereum blockchain. Electoreneum is designed for 2 billion smart phone users worldwide who can do cellular mining, available online and offline wallet storage with the advantage of enabling you to manage your online funds by sending and receiving payments with a simple scanning of simple QR code but into the real world completely new, by offering users the experience of obtaining cryptography without the necessary technical knowledge or special hardware required for mining.

Many offer Electroneum for its users, which is easy to access, easy to use, transactions and security of your funds. The Electreneum transaction process is faster and more anonymous, as it is known that with the address of a public bitcoin wallet anyone can see the number of bitcoins owned and all the transaction history, this is different from Electroneum that protects your transaction history and the contents of your wallet, while letting the hash of publicly accessible transactions available to know technically authentic transactions.

To be able to do crypto mining requires special expertise, complicated software and expensive hardware. Unlike Electrenuem, to be able to mine Electrenuem is not required to have special expertise about miner and also do not need to buy expensive equipment, by simply downloading the Electroneum application you can start to do Electroneum mining.

Currently a lot of cases of crypto currency theft, especially on Bitcoin and Ethereum, for it Electroneum is very concerned about the safety of its users, Electroneum has developed Offline wallets are 100% safe, using an offline wallet you can store coins and conduct transactions safely.

To make the Electroneum Project successful requires a team that is strong and experienced in their respective fields, Team Electroneum is the people who are competent and experienced in their field.

Funds to build and develop Electroneum Projects will be conducted through ICO that is open to investors. Investors are given the opportunity to buy Electroneum before entering into various exchanges. Investors can buy Electroneum in the following 3 ways:
1. Through international bank transfer
2. Through Bitcoin
3. Through Ethereum
If you have a crypto currency other than Bitcoin and Etheruem to buy Electroneum you can use  for the conversion of bitcoin or ethereum

The ICO implementation will commence on September 14, 2017 until October 31, 2017. The amount of coins to be made will be 6,300,000,000 which has been set at a price of $ 0.01 USD for 1 Electroneum.

In general, when the ICO is not sold out, the rest will be burned or destroyed, but for ICO Electroneum if there are coins left at the closing of ICO October 31, 2017 it will be distributed into cellular mining, it will be in the interest of all investors if the remaining coins used in a controlled manner to improve mobile mining outcomes. By increasing the mining output on mobile devices, Electroneum will significantly increase the Electroneum value for all investors.

To join ICO Electroneum you can register through  from there you will be able to track transaction history and see in the real time exchange rate of bitcoin or ethereum against Electroneum and also you can see a progress of ICO funds.

More details about Electroneum please visit:


#Author: member jelma


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